DLC III Map idea

If there is gonna be another DLC, please let it have a lava map.

  • Why is that needed? Well, lava maps provide great video shots and original environment to a Halo game. I got the idea from Star Wars III, when the two main characters were fighting eachother in a lava like structure. In Halo: Reach, you’d be able to see heatwaves, ash rain. The structure would be built hovering on top of an lava sea, with transparent bridges 1x1 that’ll make you wet your pants when walking across. It would add alot of drama to Halo: Reach playing. Seeing as most of the current maps are peaceful in habitat.

This is just an idea, I respect your opinions of this matter. I’ll just hope no one from the old B-net forum trolls will reply :wink:

  • Bump!

Not a bad idea… But not on my top 100 things that should be added list.