DLC idea: Zeta infestation

In a last ditch effort to slow down the chief The banished have unleashed the flood with the help of the endless. Face a new threat, one you can’t beat by just shooting it. One that will end the universe if it gets off this ring.

gameplay features

Infested territory

Upon the flood being unleashed they will quickly take over half the playable area, Any FOB’s or banished bases will be lost, and new halo wars era structures will appear, in the infested area. Walking on foot may lead to infection forms swarming you, flying in air infested birds may suicide bomb your vehicles forcing them to crash.

FoBs will be lost, some may still hold out while others are destroyed completely.

Fighting back

To fight back the player needs to activate sentinel defense networks. allowing new types of sentinels to quell the infection cleaning nearby POI’s allowing you to retake them, but the infested area can never truely be made safe again.

New weapons and vehicles would come with this, from teh Human made flamethrower, to powerful bloodfuel banished spewing locusts.

the threat of the flood

NEw pure forms are unleashed with new bosses, and high value targets. Ever want to fight a flood juggernaut. Wonder what it would be like to rush through a banished fort automated defenses controlled by the flood as hunters battle you and the beasts? Ever wanted to bring a squad of marines into a hive and watch them lay waste to the flood with sentinel beams and flamethrowers?


UNSC flamethrower
info: a power weapon unlocked at FoB’s at 4,000 valor. At 4,100 a hellbringer marine type spawns a FoBs. this weapon holds 300 units of fuel and has a moderate range. It is also the only way to burn away special infested casks containing MP goodies.

Brute firebombs
info: last used in the human covenant war, these are brought back along with spec ops brutes to fight the flood, these brutes are melee beasts armed with gravity axes, hammers, and swords, they throw grenades at anything that gets to close.

Bloodfuel locust
info: a banished quad walker mech, firing a constant stream of dripping jell that can destroy mater almost as well as hard light melting it into a red goop. Watch out as these things are only weak to air, but if you get one have fun in the banished direct fire tank.

New enemies

Banished spec ops
info: banished armed with both cloak and shields, comes in all flavors, elites, brutes, skirmishers, jackals, and grunts. these guys specialize in CQC having melee weapons or pistols depending on their species. Nothing is scarier then a brute using the manglers blade. Be warned these guys may even be seen using UNSC flamethrowers.

note: in lore, these guys are how the UNSC gets their flamethrowers back, as the banished start fielding these guys the marines are able to salvage their own weapons.

Flood pure forms
Info: the only thing worse then fighting cloaked infected elites, is fighting a flood juggernaught or a tank form that has the remains of several jackals giving it shield guantlets. High value flood targets are not just a threat to the marines but the banished as well. Fight to take them down and you might find un easy truces in infected areas.

The swarm, it has grunts
info: infected grunts are uncommon but with the flood learning from before they are back, these infected ungoy come in packs and will fire pistols at you while rushing with plasma grenades, what is worse then a suicide grunt, one who can shoot you while rushing you down.

The snipers they have many heads
info: a new stalker form has appeared, made up of the remains of several Jackal snipers these are armed with twin sniper rifles, using them like an anti material AA when armed with UNSC ones, or an immobile burst sniper when using stalker rifles. Thankfully this sniper form is immobile.

Form uneasy alliances

While the banished may have unleashed the flood, the mercs under their command are not all for it. Grunts, jackals, skirmishers, and even elites will join your side in fighting the flood. In the infected areas it isn’t humanity vs the banished it is everyone vs the flood and endless.

get support from sentinels and help spec ops elites cut to a FoB. fight your way to reactivate the defenses and stop the flood form taking it all.

A threat unintended

As the story goes watch The banished panic as their plan backfires, and fight to stop one of their worships from taking off while fully infested by the flood. fight to the core of infested territory and destroy a keymind before it can awaken lost memories, and try to clense the ring from the infestation before it is to late.

Story includes new Rescues, new FoB’s new encounters where enemies maybe allies. And longer term changes in sides.

What is a few jackals, skirmishers, and elites to teh banished if they abandon the cause.


Wonder if I went overboard on this.

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Pretty good idea for a flood DLC, imo


problem is, I think I overdid the detail on something almost no one will see and that will never actually happen.

Wonder if I should add more weapons to this idea, like the bloodfuel rifles, fuelrod guns, and UNSC grenade launchers.

Although the flood should be able to takeover NPC’s like in Halo 3, and the DLC age rating should be increased to Mature.

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Give me Floodfight. Give me Floodfight. Give me Floodfight.


I would love to have a flood firefight mode.

I’d want to keep three way fights.

Plus on principle, no, there’s no going back for the Banished and Atriox. If they release the Flood, they’re idiots and should get what they deserve.

Be cool if they added the Flamethrower Marine from Halo Wars 2

I do like the idea of the Flood being a creeping presence on the map that you have to proactively cull. Campaign needs more ambient quests. However it might be annoying if either the map is full Flood or it’s too easy to clear the Flood environments so you don’t see them. Plus I imagine they would be less detailed if it was something that spreads across the map.

I feel they have to bring the Endless in and address Atriox before they can do the Flood. Not sure desert map is best for the Flood introduction.

As for why they get out. I suspect 343 would want it to be a bit less random than the Banished thinking the Flood will slow Chief down. Like the Endless wanting to weaponise the Flood since they are immune.

It is odd they would make up the interior of a Banished Warship for just one mission. Definitely be going back there at some point. Still, I am not sure what’s going on with where Zeta Halo is and how they are “stuck here”. Clarification on that would be needed before the Flood can escape.

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I would love to play to this game

Yeah I worded things badly it would still have 3 way battles but some times the banished forces wouldn’t be hostile.

that and I do like your idea better of the endless letting them out instead of the banished.

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I’d add Spartan survivors in the mix who specialize in shadowing Chief from afar and will assist with an emphasis on sniping and capturing vehicles. It makes no sense that there were close to a hundred S-IV fireteams and only 3 are accounted for.

Knowing 343, there’s no way they can be capable at making something like this. Especially with the Flood bringing in gore and heavy amounts of blood and agony which would bump Infinite’s precious little T rating.

A rating bump wouldn’t mater at this point as it is already out.