DLC Group!

Hi all im on Halo 4 ATM (13.25 gmt) looking to set up a DLC group just to actually play the maps that we all have paid for just never seem to find in MM if you interested in joining message me on Xbox GT is soulslayer30 thxs =)

I’m definitely down for that, since there’s a dozen or so achievements I’d like to shoot for. However, I’m on Atlantic Time and may not coincide with you. I’m usually around after 8PM EST. Send a PM or FR to Ghostrider1172.

Thanks ghost ye there is a 5 hour time gap so 8 pm your time is 1 am mine but ill send you a friend request and if we are on at same time then great =)

I’m down as well, count me in my good man!

My gamer tag is the same as my username, case sensitive

Im in GT FistOtheUnicorn

ok thanks guys i will ad you both

I sent you a FR yesterday, soulslayer30.

ye I’ve accepted u all, i will be on friday afternoon-evening gmt thanks all

I’m in for sure. I sent each one of you a friend request.