DLC for our troubles?

So I’ve heard this suggested a few times, and I’m hoping to get the ball rolling so maybe 343 will consider doing this for us since we’ve had to wait over a week for them to fix all of these bugs.
What if 343 put out a free DLC for us? I think that they owe us at least that much. Personally I would like to see them add two new sets of armor in for Halo 2 Anniversary. Like Mark V and Recon.
What do you guys think? Should 343 give us a free DLC for the Master Chief Collection, and if so what would you like to see?

Thats the most reasonable thing I’ve seen on this forum. Id like to see that too.

Hopefully. Maybe the update will include something like that as well.

As long as it is Waterworks, Terminal, and Turf then yeah go for it!!

Honestly I don’t think much else will be added to MCC other than fixes. If anything I think we might get an armor perm for Halo 5 guardians for participating during launch week.

I’d love some free dlc for this, whether for MCC or Halo 5

Free DLC? Lol they put 100 maps in the game and the chances of you playing all of those maps are very slim.

I know what I want for my troubles: A Grunt plushy. I got one during the Halo CE Anniversary midnight launch and… I don’t know where I put him.
It’s a joke please don’t kill me.

But I really did lose my plushy.