DLC - Early Access Round 2

Since 343 Industries loves it fans crack out another round of codes ? what do you say angel.

Since BS ANGEL loves there Fans Unfortunally I missed out on the are you defiant

Who knows what might get posted. For all we know it was just that 50 and nothing more. But Waypoint does surprise me time and time again. They are good people. If they do post more, good luck on redeeming one.

I know it’s easy for me to say but trust me, don’t beg, be patient and check back frequent while silently hoping for the best. I start work full time again on Sunday for at least a short while, so I hope you get to enjoy gaming more often :wink:

Wise man once say; don’t worry, be happy man.

Eh, its getting somewhat late for codes. WHo knows though, they stuck it out until 3:43 A.M. to give out Noble 6 helmets on Twitter :S

I was waaaaay to late. I just got on here maybe 10 mins ago!

Darn it. I’m always late to the party.

I hope so, I’m so excited for these maps!!!