DLC discussion.

This is probably the millionth thread complaining about DLC but something has got to be fixed and if we keep quiet nothing will change.

I have only a handful of achievements left to get in halo reach all of them being DLC map specific. I do not own either the Defiant or the Noble DLC but I would buy them tomorrow if I knew I’d be able to play them until the game goes down the same path as halo 2.

In Halo 4 it’s worse. The game shipped with an original 49 achievements. It’s now up to 86. 37 DLC map specific achievements (many of them fluky and dumb luck required).

the excuse that “populations are too low so they were removed” is ridiculous. Arena on reach has an average 20 players, super slayer never goes above 70, team objective is 150 at peak population times. Team throwdown on 4 is the same thing. 343, you’ve shown the capacity to keep playlists with no populations but refuse to make a DLC required playlist.

Going forward in the future I think 343 should follow the model that H3 did with H3: ODST. Release a side game that would not have it’s own multiplayer, and include all the DLC with that game. For Reach this would have been Halo CEA. for H4, Spartan Assault. Now with greater numbers of DLC owners, make many DLC required playlists, perhaps not as many as Halo 3 though.

Please stop avoiding the subject and hoping it’ll go away it wont. And it’s only going to hurt the sale of DLC on future titles. the costumer is always right and the costumer is suggesting you do something about this.

Some options I think should be implemented would be

1 make DLC map playlists. easiest fix
2 make DLC free, require everyone to download it.
3 quit making maps DLC, ship all maps with the game at launch. (not a current fix)

Agreed 100%.

Make Team Slayer DLC required.

I think they should also add a BTB DLC playlist aswell, Team slayer wouldn’t cover all the maps but it would be start. Especially since many of the maps in Halo 4 are designed for 6-8 players. In Reach what I would like to see is DLC 4-4 playlist (All DLC required).