DLC Castle Base-Forge World-Invasion Map Idea!

My Idea is a new Forge World based off of Castle Base.There would be 3 separate Forging areas, and the pallet would include Human and Forerunner structural elements.

TL;DR at the bottom.

Area 1 - Menachite
This area would be based on the exterior entrance to Castle base. It would be based on Halo 3’s Standoff. However, the design of the level would be a little different. Firstly, the map would be set in the valley of a mountain range, with the Menachite Mountain rising up on the side closest to missile hatch 1.
The architectural design of the buildings would be similar to that of the Highlands Map, but still retaining the Halo 3 feel. The map would also be surrounded by dense woodland, including cedar trees and blueberry bushes.
The time of day would be late afternoon, similar to Halo 3’s Sandbox and the skybox would be overcast cloud, with a strong purple glow caused by the Covenant encampment in the Longhorn Valley.

Area 2 - Castle
Area 2 would be the inside of Castle base, it would have a similar setup to Condemned (without the low-G area of course) in terms of map size and design. Only the style of the map would be more like Sword Base, and would include various locations such as an armoury, cold storage facilities, a surgical bay and offices (including Halsey’s, littered with coffee cups) as depicted in the book First Strike.

Area 3 - The Crypt
Area 3 would be Forerunner in design and would be remenisant of Halo 3’s Construct. However, half of the structure on this map would be forged objects, meaning that players could indulge in a high level of customisation.
Also, I would like to add they the Forerunner structure, including the forge pallet would have the polished golden hew to it, rather than the “Sea of Grey” commonly associated with the current Forge World.
Also, rather than this level looking out over the Ark’s waterfall, this area would look out over a large crypt.

When playing Invasion, the Elites would be attacking and the Spartans defending. 2 fire teams of Elites would start in either base outside Castle Base, while the 3rd team started in the middle. They would then have to capture 1 of 2 access points at the edge of the map, to open up 2 gateways in to Area 2.Now I know that the actual base was located hundreds of feet below the surface of Reach, but for the purposes of game play, the base will be located at the bottom of 2 medium sized roads/tunnels.The second phase would involve the Elites taking a bomb to 1 of 2 locations to blast the doors off between phase 2 and 3.Phase 3 will see the Elites attempt to retrieve the Forerunner crystal and work their way to the top of Area 3 where a phantom is waiting.
Trying to stay close to the book, the Phantom will arrive from down the hole blasted in to the crypt and fly to the edge where the playing area is located.
In order for the Crystal to be carried in the same way as the power cores (like the other maps) the Crystal will be being held in a large container, needed to be held with both hands.

BTB, Slayer and other game types
This is where this map design stands out. Instead of having half of the map being unused (e.g. Boneyard and Spire), the Castle base map can be separated and played as single maps.
Area 1 can be sealed off from Area 2 and played as a BTB map just like Standoff was in Halo 3.
Area 3 can be sealed off from Area 2 and used for Rumble Pit, Infection, Juggernaught, etc.
And Area 2, depending on what it looks and plays like, could be separated and played by itself.

In other words, you get 3 distinct new maps for MP with the ability to play across all 3 in Invasion and Forge.
Good Times!For all this and a FF map, I would be happy paying 800MP.Please add your comments and criticism.

Basically, you get 3 different maps which make up ONI Castle Base. You can play on each map individually and across all 3 in Forge and Invasion, using each map as a different phase.