DLC - canvas- special effects - sky box's

Whats the chance of just having a single DLC map
-nothing in it
-no land
-just an infinite white space that you cannot define as to where it ends as its massive.

where selecting special effects out of a good long list gives a sky box
and special effects tab #2 gives the standard special effects

-Recycle all the skybox’s within reach campaign, FF, and multiplayer that even exist on the disc

allow forgers to choose items from any and all ever reach forge list selections.

no big request like water or land just something to change the theme as far as the current objects can let us.

just add a spot on the list of maps with nothing in it and clusterize everything within forge and add a list of skyboxs from all corners of the game for a big festive you build you name gourging fest.

and its well known that the Xbox one has better rendering so even if you were to save this until after it would mean a massive jump in the forge limit allowing more custom ideas.

Additionally a game that has a set appearance that when compared to the xbox one games is so low key can have more posted into it than the recent games while remaining interesting.
It can go farther in terms of acceleration for the gap that is permited to forgers
while halo 4 as that sequel has its standards at a higher pace than reach it should be capable of a bit more than it is now but as reach is less strain halo 4’s window wont be as massive as reach.

I don’t think 343 is going to take the time to give us a good forge while they have yet to master the art of managing multiplayer, much less take content from an old game and put it into a new game.
Would be a nice feature, though.