DLC campaign idea before MasterChief wake up

I know it’s too early for a new campaign DLC but they are so many question about what happened before Master Chief wake up, so I imagined this story with Osiris who take care of the weapon

Mission 1 : During the boarding of the banisheds, Osiris recover “the weapon” and escape the Infinity with it

Mission 2 : Osiris land on Halo to insert “the weapon” in the Halo system and the Guardian send the prometheans to stop them.

Mission 3 : Osiris insert the weapon in Halo and defend her against the Banished and the Prometheans until the uploading is complete. Locke sacrifice himself against a brute chieftain and the rest of Osiris is forced to evade. (When they see the Guardian fall and the prometheans disappear, they understand the weapon neutralize Cortana, but they have no way to confirm she erase herself)

Mission 4 : Buck command Osiris team to hunt down the brute chieftain who kill Locke. They board his drednaught ship and kill him. The ship crash somewhere in Halo. (meanwhile, the 2 brutes Tovarus & Hyperius survived the crash and Hyperius recovers Locke’s helmet to hang it on his armor)

Mission 5 : Six mounth later, Osiris discover Atriox and Master Chief are alive. They attack Atriox base and recover intel on the Endless.

End : They contact the Master Chief

I chose to start this story in the Infinity because I find important to live the defeat of the biggest UNSC ship by ourself (rather than in a small cinematic !)

I know Prometheans aren’t popular, so I made them appear only in two missions (they are the principal soldiers of Cortana and the Created so it’s important they appear somewhere)

As the weapon itinerary is difficult to establish with the info we have, I presume she can be upload anywhere in the Halo for her mission. She said in the campaign she went in the silent auditorium to neutralize Cortana, but she didn’t precise if she was physically upload there or if she deplaced herself in the informatic system.

We can see in the campaign that the boss Hyperius wear the helmet’s Locke. I choosed an other brute to kill Locke (the chief brute who I don’t give a name) because Hyperius was a little boss in the campaign and I find Locke deserved a better death.

I finished this story by a connection with Chief, Atriox and the Endless to continue the main story.

What do you think ?

I believe Buck left Osiris and got Alpha-Nine back together in the books.

I didn’t thought to that, but I remember at the end of the book “Halo bad blood” they were all in the Infinity, so Buck could be temporarily reinstated to Osiris for a mission as important

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That’s a good idea.
Only Osiris was probably disbanded. The actor seems to refuse to play Locke again.
As for Buck, I saw him and other members of A9 wearing Gen2.Those armor are very good-looking. Although they are all ODST models, they have their own characteristics.

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Locke can appear without taking off his helmet, or they can make his face without the actor for some cutscenes

I know they did a lot of concept art. It wouldn’t surprise me if that arts what inspired the Bad Blood book.

Weren’t there two actors for Locke? I know guy did Luke Cage did the mo cap but they had another guy do the voice I think? I think with Locke they need to decide: is he Johnson 2.0 or do they want him to be “the law” and go against Chief because he has the Weapon.

Oh no I don’t want another fight between Locke and Chief. And like Hyperius wear the helmet’s Locke on his armor, he must have died before Chief wake up

Wants maybe the wrong word. Consequences is the better one. I’d rather have Vale or Palmer in TBH.

I think a lot depends on how the UNSC characters will handle the Weapons presence in the story and if there’s no twist involving her. I just don’t see them being okay with the Chief having a copy of Cortana when their whole mission was to kill her. If Chief was okay killing her then stands to reason there will be trouble over this.

Plus, in the Halo 5 intro Halsey has this very croaky voice when she’s talking to Locke about how “they’ll order you to kill us both”. That does seem to be the voice she has in the audio logs. So are 343 going to try and work something like that in? Cortana does ask whether this was Halseys plan all along, is she telling the entire truth when she says the plan is to destroy Cortana?

Again, if the Weapon is just Chiefs sassy teenage sidekick I think that will all be politely hand waved.

If, however, this becomes a big Chief trying to resurrect Cortana so she can use the Reapers to smash the bad guys. A good version of Saren? :smile: Well Commander Locke is going to object to that.

One other thing. What if Atriox killed Halsey on the Infinity? Like how Sarah Connor almost kills the guy who invented Skynet. But he goes through with it because he’s a Brute.

While we’re on subject of Mass Effect. Atriox whole plan sounds like the original Destruction Ending before they changed it to be less suicidal. The Halo is the Crucible and his plan is to drag it to Created occupied Earth with an alliance of alien species. Detonate it, before retreating through the portal to the Ark. Which would destroy the Domain but also kill everything else in the Galaxy. So Atriox is Renegade Commander Shephard. :smile: