DLC armor is not applied to Spartan in spartan ops

It probably doesn’t matter on the 360 anymore, but if anyone can fix this–can you please? There are some waypoint exclusive skins and dlc skins (from codes that came with figures) that don’t load up on Spartan ops. Whenever one of these skins is selected and I start up Spartan ops, those armor pieces are replaced by Recruit armor. It may be dumb and too late, but it would still be cool to have this corrected. Thanks.

Sorry OP, this has been a known issue snce the skins were released. It’s not going to be fixed unfortunately

it works for me it always has

Weird, I’ve never run into this issue. I guess I was just lucky.

This issue is effecting me and my spartan ops game play also. try deleting it and re-downloading the dlc and if this issue is still going on. try deleting the system update and re-download again. also clear your system cache. check xbox website for support. :slight_smile:

I know this is for the armor issue but I have a armor issue of a doffrent aspect

my halo 4 and halo reach waypoint armors haven’t updated since I was SR127 on 4 and a Warrant Officer on Reach, now im a SR 130 and a Field marshal