DLC Achievements Possible on other maps?!?

This might have been discussed before, but since playing Reach, I have earned Defiant and Noble 1 achievements WITHOUT ever buying or having these map packs. I didn’t realize it until much later that they were suppose to be earned only on the specific maps.
Was there an update/patch to this some time ago? I’m confused!
(Some haven’t worked though.)

Noble 1 achievements have always been able to be earned on any map in the game (with the exception of You Blew it Up, since that can only be done on Breakpoint). The Defiant achievements are supposed to be map pack specific, just like the Anniversary achievements, although some of them can be earned in custom games using the official game types used in matchmaking. Achievement from this pack that have unlocked for you on non-Defiant maps are more likely to be glitched.

The only Defiant achievement I know to definitely be map specific is All Alone (last surviving uninfected player in a matchmade Infection game), since the the only Defiant map in the Infection playlist is Condemned. I personally tried this on the other maps and it didn’t unlock when I was the last man standing.

Phil beated me to it.

Curious, how do you get the official game types? Is it already too late?

> Curious, how do you get the official game types? Is it already too late?

Not at all. Simply play the gametype you want, than after the game go into the file browser. Look at the recent gametypes, find the gametype you just played and save it. Job done.

Cool. I did not know that. Thanks. Don’t use File Share that much. Haha!
I just hope to get the rest of these achievements soon. But how matchmaking is looking, that’s going to be pretty tough. :confused:

I have gotten a few achievements without buying any of the map[ packs. But they are a lot harder to get know those dlc achievements, especially the Anniversary map pack.