DLC Achievement Help!

As a player who likes completing achievements for games, I’ve long been wanting to get the DLC, but I’ve been waiting for the DLC playlist. I bought the Season Pass the other day (I already have the Champions Bundle and finished those achievements when it first came out), but I’ve been having some trouble with the achievements.

I Have Gotten:
Bird of Prey
Clever Girl (Unlocked after only 2 camo kills somehow)
Last Man Grinning
I Thrust At Thee
Beating Up The Beat

I Have Not Gotten Any Of The Others,notably:
Any of the Crimson achievements (either no one has it or no one votes for the Crimson maps)
I See You!(I estimate I’ve gotten 40+ Promethean Vision kills)
Pigs Can Fly (Pretty sure of gotten more than three jetpack kills)

I’ve seen some older forum posts about potentially glitched achievements,but never saw any solutions, so please post suggestions if you have them. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m playing just for glitched achievements instead of actually playing. I went 3 and 20 last game just because I was going for the yoinking I See You! achievement!

If anyone wants to play on the DLC maps, notably Castle and Crimson, since no one votes for them, comment below with what times work for you. Also, I try to avoid boosting when i can, but I’d been down to do that if I still cant get 2000 G, given that 343 has given us the sparsest opportunities to play the DLC. Thanks,


I dont know if I made this clear or not, but if you have suggestions on how to get the potentially ‘glitched’ achievements, please comment with your suggestions.