DLC Achievement Glitch

I’m wondering if anyone can help me with this. A couple of months ago I loaded Halo 4 and was surprised to see that I had to download some missing dlc content, which is weird since I already have all of the dlc map packs. After it finished downloading I automatically earned about 15 achievements related to the dlc packs. My first reaction was like, “Nice free achievements” but now I’ve changed my mind and would like to know if there’s any way to delete these achievements. I know its a glitch that I should have no problems with but it irks me that I have all these achievements that I didn’t earn.

There’s no way to delete the achievements I’m afraid. 343 made an update a while back that was to fix some achievements that were stuck for players. This led to the achievements simply being unlocked for everyone who had played on the maps at least once. I never found out if this was intentional or not, not one has really commented on it much since it happened

Oh well, I suppose I should just be happy for free achievements. Thanks for replying!