DLC - A chance to step it up.

Okay 343, I personally think you’ve done a pretty good job with Halo 4, but there are some issues, issues that DLC could fix. I feel like I’m not the only one who would like these things in one if not more of the DLC’s.

- A new forge map with A NEW PALETTE. Please, we got sick of this a year and a half ago, making it hospital white doesn’t fix that.
- Sandtrap, or some map similar to it. Basically, we need a BTB map. No, not a map to play BTB on, a frickin’ BTB map. With Elephants. And awesome Custom Games.
- UNSC AIR VEHICLES. I know you can add new vehicles (Transport Hornet on Sandbox/Avalanche) and this is a pretty big complaint.

Oh yeah, Custom Game options are despicable, and magnets are not a worthy successor to the precision editor. I’m not re-reading this post, so I apologize if the ideas aren’t exactly coherent or cohesive.