Hello there internet.

The aim of this spartan company is to have fun mainly but at times to get very competitive, also looking for a dedicate forge team who love to create maps but lack testers. Well forgers we are your crash test dummy’s if you make fun maps that could be used for scrims and stuff we would love to hear from you! dedicated halo players are desired as we will be doing fun campaign challenges every now and then. So with that in mind let me pitch you a super mega awesome sales pitch that will make you be all like wuuuut!

Are you a halo fan?
Are you a multiplayer fan?
Do you like super mega awesome explodey things? (you better)
Do you suck at the game? (we do to)
Are you a super pro at the game who can rek n00bs by just looking at them (plz join)
Do you wanna join a fun community dedicated to weekly game nights?
Do you wanna join a more serious community dedicated to team work and winning?
Do you like cheese? (optional)
Are you fed up of reading this? (tldr)
I’ve ran out of things to say. (Meow)With my super mega sales pitch out of the way and people foaming at the mouth to join. i’ll sum it up nice and good.I created this spartan company with friends. as a result there will be some rules in place. main one being an age limit (sucks i know)
So what we are after in this company are some fun players to mess about with, a war zone team as i think war zone with a proper team could be super fun. a few good arena teams who would love to scrim to get a good bit of practice in, some forgers to make some fun maps to practice in and fun maps for infection whenever it comes (it better) once infection is in the game and easy to understand and use hopefully there will be lot’s of fun maps. i’m also a small youtuber (very small) so there’s also the chance you may be featured in some of my videos which one day could mean something and you will have a claim to fame there.So let’s get down to the rulesRULES

  • must be 18 or older 16 + considered * - must be a dedicated halo player - must be active - must be a fun and chill player, don’t get to wound up - must have a good sense of humor * - GMT time zone preferred - must have good communication skills.Now with that out the way, if you meet even one of them criteria feel free to apply or whatever it is you do. You may have noticed * beside 2 of the rules, the reason behind this is because me and my friends are prone to a pretty dark sense of humor at times but we are also very creative swearers and i mean very creative.

Divus = god in Latin (cheesy i know)

So with that all out the way, thank you very much for reading this. i hope to make this small community grow some more and i look forward to seeing you on the battlefield or the forgefield.

Side note, the company is lacking in members i am aware of that, that’s where you come in to things, i’m looking to really starting pushing halo 5 and opening the potential it has with forge ect but we need your help with that. i hope to create something beautiful within the halo community but that will take time.