Diversifying Gamemode Experience

I appreciate seeing the devs updating the playlists. However, they don’t seem to understand that they’re not really diversifying the multiplayer gameplay experience! Fiesta, FFA, Tactical, and Team Slayer are all just SLAYER. Quick Play, BTB, and Ranked Arena are the only playlists that contain objective games, but they ALL HAVE SLAYER TOO.

Quick Play: 10 Objective game modes, 7 Slayer game modes
4 CTF, 3 Strongholds, 3 Oddball, 7 Slayer.

BTB: 9 Objectives, 3 Slayer
3 Stockpile, 3 CTF, 3 Total Control, 3 Slayer.

Ranked Arena: 9 Objectives, 4 Slayer
3 Oddball, 3 Strongholds, 3 CTF, 4 Slayer.

Every single playlist in the game has Slayer. Especially due to this recent playlist update adding more slayer options, there needs to be an OBJECTIVES ONLY playlist, or at the very MINIMUM Slayer should be removed from 4v4 Quick Play. Removing Slayer from Quick Play would insure that it doesn’t double up the exact same game modes across different playlists.

Removing it would essentially turning QP into objective XD I get watchaean though. I think the MCC way of things is fantastic, just do that.