Distinct lack of ragdoll in player characters

I’ve noticed that there is little to no ragdoll in any of Infinite’s multiplayer interactions between player characters.

Smashing any enemy with a Gravity Hammer does not send his broken body flying in the direction of my swing. Instead, his character plays a predefined animation of stumbling to the ground, completed disconnected from his cause of death, and making me as a player lack the satisfaction that earlier entries in the brought with it from such a unique weapon.

Shooting a rocket at the foot of a player does not send them skyward, or flying in any particular direction at all. Instead their character fall to their knees and flops to the side.

It’s a visual disconnect between the driving power of the games iconic and powerful weapons. Its also a critical yet subtle gameplay feature, allowing other places to notice the physic driven moment of defeated players around them, so that they can deduce the cause of death and re-strategize.

In the off chance this is just a “missing” feature of beta (which feels unlikely), I would strongly encourage you to voice your opinion on whether or not you feel like this is critical ingredient to what I’ve always found to be a physics driven multiplayer sandbox.

Glad others have taken notice and agree this is a (missing) staple of the franchise. I wanted to clarify that I am specifically referring to situations in which the defeated player character currently has their feet on the ground. In situations where a player character is in the air, ragdoll seems to properly take effect (as would be expected)

Absolutely, this feature has always been a staple in Halo games.

I’ve seen a stray ragdoll here and there but they’re just not common. Nothing has quite the same weight as older Halo games.

Thank you for posting this. This is a huge issue about the game that may not seem like a big deal but it really is. It adds to the satisfaction of kills and keeps the game fun for a longer period of time. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED

I’ve noticed this as well. They should make the ragdoll physics a bit more like the older games.