Dissapointed 1 request is missing from the August Update

Im dissapointed that 343 hasent acknowledged the lack of space for private files, ive posted about this time after time over the years since 2014 and still no mention

Before reach on pc came out, 343 stated in an update we were getting a local file size increase with the custom game migration from legacy titles, we ended up only getting a fileshare increase

Its frustrating as theres a lack of custom content thats new well people keep the old

50 is just to low for 6 games and isint even up to halo 3 standards

This needs to be addressed as mcc could have alot more potential if people had more space


I fully agree, the file limit should only be limited by the player’s available storage.


This 100%. I wouldn’t be surprised if the limitation is something they couldn’t fix given how long it’s been since they mentioned it, but if that isn’t the case, they should definitely strive for file size to have parity with their original versions at least, given parity is one of MCC’s key pillars.


i wouldn’t be surprised if they end up adding this in on a future update. it had been awhile since they claimed they would add certain features, such as improved subtitles support, but they’ve added these features in well after they said they would. making an increased limit or no cap limit fir file share and the like will surely come in the next update or two

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I could not agree with OP more. The amount of maps we currently have is pitiful, and now that the OG games servers are down on the 360 side, MCC is the only place we can still save maps. 343, you GOTTA fix this, this is a MASSIVE issue for the longevity of MCC.


I fully agree.
Also still waiting for them to finish File Share and Theatre mode.