Disruptor vehicle stunning makes zero sense

It takes 7 direct shots to stun a warthog.
However, it only takes 1 or 2 shots to stun a warthog when shooting a weapon pad or weapon on the ground.

This does not make sense to me.


Here is a video capture on my dropbox

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Why 343 changed the plasma pistol is a great mystery. They need to take out the disrupter and put the plasma pistol the way it was.

This developer reminds me of The Coalition what they did to Gears of War. Be given a good franchise and make changes that were not asked to do and ruin things.

I agree things can be tweaked and added but some things should not be touched.

It’s like both Devs want the look at me attention, we made this change.

Hence why Halo and Gears of War are in the state they are.


i suppose they made it like that cus it’s so hard to get a shock chain off of a weapon or pad, let alone get it to emp a moving vehicle. Does it work the same with players being shocked next to a vehicle? I believe it does not.

The shock weapons period ruin vehicle gameplay, ever since 343 has taken over they have killed vehicle gameplay by having very tight congested maps, weak vehicles, having every weapon capable of destroying vehicles, and now having multiple emp weapons.

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Honestly, aside from Halo 3 and 5 vehicles have always been pretty weak. In most games they are no better than a power weapon (often weaker) but in H3 and 5 vehicles actually had to be played around. You needed the right tools to take them out, and had to keep out of sight while you acquired them.

So considering how weak they were in 4/5 of Bungie’s games I wouldn’t blame 343 for that one. At least Bungie wasn’t afraid to make open maps they could actually move around in though.

It takes 6 not 7(unless you are experiencing desync)

This is because it takes 3 shots to stun weapon pads,weapons,spartans. It also have chain effect(although the chain is smaller than that of shock rifle)

Well the shock effect can go from player to player if they are close to one another, so its safe to assume it does

Personally I don’t have a problem with the overcharge Plasma Pistol not being used for EMP vehicles anymore because we have Electric Weapons and Grenades. But I do understand your point of view. The real problem is how weak the vehicles are in Halo Infinite. Like Halo 5 vehicles where perfect experience for all types of players. But Halo Infinite vehicles is going back in time to Halo 4 and making them weak, useless, and pathetic.

I don’t see how vehicles weren’t good in Halo 2, from what I remember they were pretty powerful and there wasn’t many options to take them out and there wasn’t the most BS vehicle gameplay killer Spartan laser. But I will agree that Halo Reach and CE vehicle gameplay wasn’t that great. But I say the biggest problem is the maps, and that’s where 343 has really dropped the ball.

343i making sense? You’re asking a lot dude, especially after they decided gutting the entire original Halo sandbox out of the game was a good idea with Halo Infinite. On top of that, none of the iconic Halo 5 weapons returned either. None of it makes sense.

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The shock weapons don’t make sense period.

Skewer for the brutes, I get. Hammer I get. Ravager, ditto.

But the shock weapons, What brute mad scientist came up with this?
Theres a grunt with a halo5 plasma pistol just laughing, and sniper jackal just dumbfounded at the sighting system on the shock rifle.

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I’m kind of mixed here on the situation. When it comes to ground vehicles, I feel that for everytime a situation arises where it feels like the vehicle died waaaay too quickly. I see situations where a vehicle can murder a load of Spartans before going down too.

Maybe a little too easy for the Disruptor. But until they give me other options to better deal with Wasps I’d rather not see them change it or any of the other shock weapons vs vehicles. In well played hands the Wasp can really terrorize a team into submission.

They could probably make how quickly shock weapons EMP vehicles better based on class. Wasp, Maybe Banshee, Mongooses, Ghosts requiring the least amount of shots. Warthogs, Maybe Banshee ( I still feel the Banshee needs some buffs honestly when compared to Wasps ), Choppers. Then Heavy vehicles, the tanks taking the most shots to disable. Possibly do weak spots where vehicles are more vulnerable to Shock weaponry perhaps.

How about a charge option for the shock weapons? Instead of auto fire, hold down, charge, EMP.
Then take out the plasma pistol out of the sandbox altogether and use that slot for another covenant weapon.

While the Sniper wasn’t the vehicle killer it became in later games, vehicles (especially the tanks) were extremely susceptible to high jacking, which was the hot new thing. The Banshee was extremely weak (notice nobody ever actually uses it on Ascension), and it’s often easy to forget just how squishy all the lighter vehicles were to SMG fire.

Vehicles in Halo 2 were mostly more transportation options than actual combat strategy options, unless your team had solid control of the match.

Overcharged plasma disabling something rather than just melting it ever made sense as well? Overloading an electrical system to “stun” a vehicle makes far more sense in that regard.

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I also wish they’d make things react differently. I hate that they fixed the “glitch” of a Chopper going full boost when stunned. I had that happen to me, and against me, and I enjoyed it as a new spin on the mechanic as well as an in universe anti-emp deterrent. Now, the mechanic has not only been stripped from plasma weapons entirely but it’s new mechanics were removed for being unintended. They need to look at the EMP mechanic all over again, give it a reason to exist.

I dunno, in H1 and H2 vehicles could go on pretty big runs.

H1 splatter sprees could get crazy on some maps.

H2 vehicles literally had Infinite health (vehicle health is directly tied to the pilots health, and will never explode if the driver doesn’t receive lethal damage).

I somewhat disagree. At times, I feel the vehicles are too strong. Just the other day, I hit a Warthog with 2 skewer shots without destroying it which in my eyes makes no sense for weapon really designed for vehicle damage. The same goes for the rocket’s as well, 2 direct hits with a rocket wouldn’t destroy it either which I believe is the first Halo game for a hog to survive that much damage. Maybe adjusting how the vehicles receive damage from each weapon might make us both happy.

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I never understood that either. The Plasma Pistol is absolutely useless now.