Disruptor as LSS Starting Weapon?

I get that 343 was like “Well, I bet nobody ever uses the gun otherwise outside BTB, so we’ll see if we can get people to like it.”

Issue is, LSS is already an absolutely shark-fest of third-partying. It’s all kill-stealing. And now, the starting weapon does damage over time, meaning you’re even more vulnerable than normal to someone popping by to mop up since your shields take so long to come back up.

File it in the “did anyone playtest this before release” category with all the other bizarre choices.


Getting a single kill, or two assists I think gives you the first upgrade and gives you the assault rifle as a secondary.

I don’t really see any real issue with the Disruptor as the LSS starting weapon. It’s still a very capable weapon in it’s own right.


My biggest issue with the gun is that it damages you even after you’ve killed the person shooting you or safely run away from them. The amount if times I empty a clip in someone and it does nothing but when people shoot me I’m done for. Sick of it.


I can tell you right now that is decync related. and I hate it, have the same problem after some testing I found servers constantly set me 2 feet back from where I actually am.

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I like the Disruptor. I think they removed the pistol because TTK can be quite fast with rapid fire.