Disregard, got a little excited.

Disregard this topic, I jumped the gun haha

Wait a second, it was just a backwards ghost.

It is in between the two Warthogs and seems to spin on a dime like the Prowler was able to.

Wow definitely a ghost…

Sorry it’s just a Ghost backing up slightly then turning around.

I’m quite sure that is a warthog. I see 3 warthogs in that, and what I think is a ghost or mongoose. I’m not sureif we’re at different parts though.

Looks like a ghost to me.

Defiantly looks like a ghost.

> Looks like a ghost to me.

Everybody calm down. It’s just a ghost.

I think that was a ghost? I’m sorry, I just don’t see a prowler.

You know what? That might just be a Ghost. My mistake. It looked like the seat and the left wing were the two side cars on the Prowler.