Dispute. (Forge map)

Dispute is a symmetrical 4v4 competitive map designed for esports ctf in mind and has been in the making for months.

For full info including a larger description, pictures, a video and even preplanning work click the link above! Thanks!

Add ‘Whos Blaze’ if you want to download and play! Any feedback is very appreciated.

That’s awesome man!

great map

Looks great! So exactly how many months?

Thanks guys.

And CorruptKnight7, I started designing on paper soon after H2a was announced in hopes forge would come with it. When forge was announces I started preplanning in halo 4 and got feedback from the community and friends and I just finished the final version of it the other day. So if I had to guess I’d say maybe 9ish?

Hello! Nice map i need some one like you to help me forge someghing HUGE! If interested message me on Xbox One, GT KAOS COVAD KILL. This will be worth your time!

Very nice map i have to say!