Display adaptor disabled

Currently I’m not able to select a graphics card in my video settings for Halo Infinite. I have a feeling that’s because some how it’s not recognizing it? Anyone else have this issue or pointers?

I’m on a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 and latest drivers I could find.

same issue here. My laptop is using the integrated graphics instead of the 3060. Game is unplayable as of now.

Hey, do you guys have multiple GPUs?

Could both of you please head to Halo Support and submit a ticket and your DxDiags please?

I only have the one GPU. Ticket submitted, thanks!

also have the same issue with my 3060 ti

@snickerdoodle This post "reddit.com/r/halo/comments/qvdkg7/halo_infinite_not_detecting_gpu/hl5npmz/" actually helped the game detect my card.

I guess I have a Lite Hash Rate 3060, which is not included in the default config. Even though my card has been picked up, I’m not noticing it being utilized unfortunately.