Display adapter disabled/greyed out? 3080ti

The game isnt fully utilizing my GPU, the video setting “display adapter” is disabled and it says i have 12gb of vram so it is seeing my GPU… i que up a game and my gpu usage stays at 0-2%, my cpu is pretty much maxing out… I can play the game but it feels not very good, I bought this gpu specifically to play halo and its not even working correctly… it is working fine in any other game.

3080ti EVGA

I reported this issue via a ticket last night. The issue is there are missing GPU device ID’s in the game’s GPU config files which are just text files. You can use DXDIAG to find out what your card device ID is to fix this. I too have a 3080 Ti (founders edition). In the game’s Nvidia config file they have one 3080 Ti listed with a device ID of 2005, my card has a device id of 2008…so the game doesn’t recognize it. I unfortunately installed via Xbox App/Windows App which locks these files as read only. If you installed via Steam you should be able to edit the file and fix this yourself. The file name is GPU_Nvidia.cfg, search for 3080 and find the entry for the 3080 Ti. Copy that line, create a line below it, paste the copy and just edit the device ID section. Here is the what the out of box 3080 Ti entry looks like in this file:

0x10DE, 0x2205, , Ultra; GA102 [GeForce RTX 3080 Ti]

So past a copy of that and edit the 0x2205 piece to match your device ID. In my case the correct entry would be:

0x10DE, 0x2208, , Ultra; GA102 [GeForce RTX 3080 Ti]

To find your device ID, run DXDIAG, and save all information then search the file for a text line that looks like this(or just search for VEN_10DE)

Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_2208&SUBSYS_153510DE&REV_A1

You’ll know your looking at the correct line if it has VEN_10DE …which is Nvidia’s venor ID. Hope this helps someone. I’m ready to uninstall and try installing via Steam to I can save this update myself. Was hoping they would have patched this by now since it such an easy fix, seems like it was just an oversight vs. a bug.