Discussion Is Over. Controller with AA Is Better than M&K

Halo tracker has top CSR rankings (Onyx elo) for the Open ranked playlist and wouldn’t you know it, every single top player is a controller player.

If M&K was objectively better than controller with AA, then I’d expect to at least see ONE M&K player in the top 20. Nope.

So for every single person out there asking for increased aim assist or to turn off crossplay because “M&K is better”, I’m sorry to tell you, you’re the reason you’re doing bad.

And once more M&K players catch wind, this game will turn into MCC 2.0.

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This is most troll baiting post I’ve ever seen lmfao.


What do you really want though ? A separate playlist that’s input filtered? I think it’s still possible for them to tune down aim assist. Maybe not each and every weapon, but I can see the BR getting less aim assist as an example. What’s the desired goal you have in mind? I believe controller definitely has an advantage, but I personally play with a friend who used a controller in halo 5 and wasn’t that good, and for this halo is on pc with mnk and is significantly better. So for this reason I like an opt in opt out for filtering because he’s a good homie and all of our friends enjoy playing with him. He’s probably the only one to use mnk though. I’d hate for the dude to feel left out or make him use a controller. Especially when he’s just doing so much better without one. I know some people have a problem of over aiming when there’s aim assist. When I give people advice for better aim, I basically say

“You’re essentially trying to master how much the game helps you vs how much input is needed from you”

This is why we see lots of people say “use your left stick more” etc. Like…obviously we still have to make little adjustments to stay on target, but the aim assist also obviously assists in that. To me it seems impossible to really fine tune and balance it for both inputs to feel competitive in a match where neither side is “man you won this fight because you were using X device”. However, I could be wrong. Has it ever been really attempted repeatedly until it felt right? Idk. Is it worthwhile to attempt it? Well judging from these forums it does seem so. Your voice matters.

That’s a very good post with a lot of useful information but please don’t post anything with this person. They clearly make posts just to make people argue and troll baiting.

You bumped their dead topic from 13 days ago…

Yes that’s what happens when you go into the search bar and look for topics.

I hear you. I’ve talked with this person before. I think perhaps it’s a mixture of really forcefully wanting to get a point across, and wanting inclusion of representing a certain part of the community. This person knows you still need skill to aim with a controller, because I’ve read em saying the equivalent of “if you’re struggling to aim you have to git gud” which implies gain skill to do better.

From my perspective, in terms of inclusion for mouse players…honestly if I had a say in the matter…I’d have each team have 2 sets if 4. 1 for each league. 1 where we see controller players go at it, 1 where we see mnk. It just makes more sense to me that way. Maaaaybe things can be fine tuned to not even need that…but…to me? Ask the community man. They need to really ask that question.

-how do you feel about mixed input lobbies in real tournaments?

If no one brings up the integrity of the competitive aspect, well there’s the answer. Tune things to work together. If they bring up very good counter points as to why it makes no sense…but there’s actual aspiring players on mnk…with orgs opening up, sponsorships etc etc…who’s to say a separate league wouldn’t thrive?

On the flip side…as a viewer…do we care about that?

These questions I believe matter, and would help figure out what does or doesn’t make sense.