Discussion for vision features for achromate/colorblind pleayers

Hello! I’m an Achromate player, so i cannot see any color, a rarets verison of colorblindness.

I’m trying to play Halo infinite with friends from the start, but also with a big list of costumization colors, it’s not useless for people like me, for because also if i put the darker color to enemies and lighter to allies, or vice versa (that for us is a bit better), i cannot still see the enemies.

So i’m here, hoping in the devs and community interest, to add something useful for us, for exmaple something like a big highlight with big contrast to ALL the round ambience.
it does not ruin the experience for because for other people it does not change anything and something like that could help players with vision problems like me.

I know this is not like all other posts, but it’s so relevant for players with vision problems.
Thank you all


Didn’t they add the ability to change the color to anything you’d like? Isn’t this enough of a feature? I am partially colorblind, and I get along fine with this one, and the previous red vs blue. What you are asking for is essentially something everyone would use, to spot people from a distance, or immediately see the opposite team. This is not Halo, and I feel they have already compromised enough with the change of color outline they have allowed already. This is a slippery slope, and would be abused.

No for because change the color it could be a bit useful in some moment/maps, but only in a few places.
For example i use darker for allies and lighter for enemies, but i cannot still see the enemies in some cases like: lighter sky, ambience lights, “artificial” lights, lighter terrain, etc.
So in each map, in both the modes, there are only a few places where i can see them, in the others…nothing. For because achromate i see the same shade also if they are different colors and so i do not see them.

The problem for me is that any color i put (darker is worst) has no contrast with the round ambience, and in the majority of cases i see enemies the same of the ambience shades. That’s why changing colors is hepful a bit, but completely useless without a feature that ingrease size, and in particular the highlight contrast

Bro, that’s part of the game. What you’re asking for is essentially a ‘see all’, regardless of the situation. That isn’t halo, and is essentially a cheat.

Me too! They did some good stuff for accessibility in this game, but they also made some things much worse. For me, I can’t tell the difference between an enemy that is red-highlighted (I have the enemy’s color as Salmon) and an ally that has a red armor coating; at least not at a glance. Same when an enemy has a greenish armor coating (I set friendly color to Lime); that makes me think they’re an ally. I like the colors, but I really wish that enemies’ entire body glowed all the time, the way it does when they take damage. I wish it were at least a setting. Damage could be marked be increasing brightness, but I wish you could set their entire body to be the bright outline color.

Again, this is blatantly not halo, and essentially a cheat. It will be abused, and everyone will use it to find those people hiding in corners or dark areas. Won’t happen.

Well, in past games you couldn’t do any of that anyway; your character was bright red or blue and stood out like a sore thumb. Halo has never allowed much in the way of camouflaging or being hard to see, which is great because it makes it the only game where people like me and OP, who have vision impairments, can actually still play.

I disagree, if you were a specific color such as red, you blended in better with the canyons, blue blended better with the shadows. You can play, and they did something already to help you, not give you free reign over the entire game because you ‘can’t see’. I am partial color blind, and need glasses, you don’t see me here asking for magnification, or specific catering abilities, because they aren’t here to make YOU feel better, but instead make the game playable and fun to the world, not just you. Everyone thinks these large companies need to cater to them specifically, it’s really getting annoying.

What is fun about not being able to see people? Am I supposed to be sorry that I have vision problems? How horrible of me to want to actually play a game and not get a headache or just constantly miss everyone because I can’t see anything. I think a game where you have to be good with your brain and not just have better eyes is actually really cool; strategy and quick thinking, rather than just “I saw you first so I win,” is what makes Halo great. Not to mention, regardless of your opinion, I have never had a problem seeing people in any past Halo game, except 5 to some degree because it was so flashy. I found the red players extremely easy to see even against the canyon, and blue even in the shadows. So this is not a gameplay feature, it’s just an oversight that detracts from one of the things that made Halo great.

Lmao, I’m not saying feel sorry for me, that’s what you’re trying to do here. “Help me” is your cry. I’m pointing out that I deal with it, and learn to play without recruit difficulty. You on the other hand want everything spoon fed to you, and it’s ridiculous. Learn to play.

“Learn to play” lol okay, sure I’ll just grow some eyes that don’t have a disability. I’ll get right on that. Nice talking to you, kid.

Lmao, you just tried to say my ‘disability’ isn’t going to make you feel sorry for me, so why bring yours up? See? Hypocrisy. Learn to play, regardless of your ‘disability’. That’s what makes people great. If you can’t, don’t play.