Discuss: EZ-est superturtle leader/map combo

I was superturtling double anders as chief/anders today on repository, and i realized: That’s the easiest turtle I’ve ever had!

Most turtles have their weaknesses. Playing against Cutter is always risky if not impossible. The enemy focus firing on the unsc buildings before hitting the main base is basically unstoppable if the opponents are smart enough. And typically i live in fear of the 12-18 vulture attack in my 2v2/3v3 turtles. And of course an early and relentless attack can always drain resources too quickly for ur team to keep pace.


Like i said, this was double anders on repository. We had equal numbers cobras/wolves, 1-star scarab, 5 vamps, and engineers. Our Anders had rear base and covy had the 2 foward bases. What could they have done? 12 vultures hit covy? GL!

Vultures barely get through the double shield gens, and our cryos/vamps/wolves eat the vultures before the engineers are even needed. Air attack to the rear unsc base? lol! enemy air has to cross a large open field covered in our scarab/wolves. once they get to the base they still would have to tread our vamps, cryos, and oh yeah the 20 engineers healing. A tank push to the rear base would be just as fruitless thanks to cobras, brute chieftain and scarab whittling it down, not to mention our cryo and gremlins slowing the push to a crawl.

And a vehicle push on the covy bases is the most frustrating due to the choke pts flanking either side. IMHO the only way to beat this would have been a true grind-it-out relentless attack that would empty our bank accounts and let the double anders on 3-4 bases each out-spend us. Without an offensive leader power (mac / carpet) they had zero chance to end the gm with 1 fell swoop.

Thx for reading if you got this far! Thoughts on super-easiest super-turtle matchups?

Double unsc cannot attack into UNSC/covy turtle on docks, literally impossible to break a cobra arc around a 2 tank wide funnel.

That being said, if you’re better than the other team it really doesn’t matter, you can turtle with double forge and win easily.

“Double unsc cannot attack into UNSC/covy turtle on docks, literally impossible to break a cobra arc around a 2 tank wide funnel.”

True they couldn’t bust through the middle, but they can pelican 26 PT tanks to where the cobras are not, and then it can get hairy quick!