Discord & Halo MCC on PC noob looking 4 a company

I was a hardcore player back in the Halo 2 days, but stopped playing shortly after completing the campaign mode for Halo 3. RL stuff just got in the way. Two years ago(I think) I got an xbox one at a pawn shop and played Halo Reach, Halo CE, H2, H3, ODST, H4 and H5 to get caught up on the lore. I also joined a company here and was active for about a month before RL stuff got in the way again and I haven’t touched my xbox since.

However, I got into PC gaming and recently learned that Halo MCC was available on PC and I just finished mapping out my controls, adjusting settings on Discord so I can speak to folks, got different push to talk buttons assigned so I can talk either on Discord or ingame. I’m now looking for a company again because after playing a few matches yesterday I realized this is not the game to go PUGing around without vasoline haha.

I’m looking for a company to join, but I haven’t been on this website for as long as I’ve been away from Halo MCC on xbox and I’m not sure how to tell which companies in the recruiting section are PC or Console. I’m a noob to playing Halo via Keyboard and Mouse and discord so I kinda suck at the moment. I’m looking for a company I can join, learn from and become a better player so I can be someone who eventually brings something to the table when doing the competitive match making. My discord settings are setup though so we can speak.

I’m 34, and I act my age when playing Halo online. I don’t rage quit, don’t run my mouth, am a very good sport and don’t accuse folks of cheating when they’re a better shot than me, etc.

So anyway, my questions are:

  1. When I’m looking at the Recruiting section on this website, how do I tell which companies are console, and which are PC? I’m playing Halo MCC on PC.

  2. Are there any specific companies recruiting that ya’all reccommend? I live in west virginia, am in eastern time zone.

My username on this site is the same ingame and the same on Discord.