Discord Drops Dec. 2022 Quest Not Appearing

For those who do not know, there is currently a PC Discord promotion for US and Canada from Dec. 1, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2022 where you can get a Waypoint code for the Unicorn of Earth by streaming Halo Infinite over Discord in any server with at least one viewer for 15 min. I have followed the instructions on the Discord support website linked, but the quest popup does not appear. Anyone else having issues with this drop?


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Does the solution in here help?

No, I’ve rebooted Discord and my computer numerous times now and still nothing. The support website says an in app notification is supposed to appear before any progress can be made, which has never appeared. Also yes, I am in an eligible region for this promotion.

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Had it a touch different.

Did the streaming of the game with a viewer in a big game lobby for hours, completed the stream. Got nothing and saw nothing. Figured I was not lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of “beta” this go around as it failed to show in the drops the past 5 days.

However today, I am seeing the promotion. Decided to do a private room with my brother on his phone as a viewer. Never had a pop up at 15, 30, 45 … I went over 1hr 15 min of game play and finally tossed in the towel when I got called slurs the round to last and it got to me a bit. This is my un-wind game and know not to take things so seriously, but when we are grown men and I am being berated in a totally non-okay way, it stops being fun quick.

Regardless, I am going to go back into a big game lobby and try have someone else view me again that is not on the same IP as me, etc. and reciprocate the favour like before and see what happens then.

Let me know how you are doing with progress.

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I’m looking to solve this issue too. I enrolled, followed instructions, nothing rewarded.

My quest has finally appeared, and I have successfully completed it and redeemed my code. It appears as if this quest was not rolled out to everyone in eligible regions, but now that 343 has put out an official announcement on Steam, it appears to be rolling out to everyone.

Additional reference information for others still trying to troubleshoot: I opted in Dec. 2, 2022, and left the opt in settings on until Dec. 15, 2022, where I got the quest notification. Could be that Discord takes up to two weeks to recognize which games you play, and thus which quests to give you.

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I have had the same issues, it never poped up for me untill a few days ago. I have streamed 15min twice to two different audiences while getting the drop notification and I STILL have not been rewarded. Anyone else??

My Discord app and notifications were working fine with all the notifications and trackers working as I was making my progress, but as soon as I completed the requirements and went to Redeem my drop, it still said I need to meet the requirements to Redeem.

These are way too many hoops to jump through for just a few emblems. Best of luck to anyone on trying to claim them, but i’m not gonna bother.

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