Discord ban appeal

I was banned on the halo discord today for ‘Admitting to having an alt account’. At first, I did not know this was against the rules and did not know this was bannable. The alternate discord account hasn’t been active in the halo discord server for a few months. Second, I never used that account to impersonate anyone or break any rules that I know of, it was meant to be used in some other servers that I didn’t want my main account to be in.

It would be highly appreciated if my ban can be reversed.

My discord id is 516137663066275863, and the username is Usze 'Taham#5850.

Thank you.

The rules of the Halo Discord clearly prohibit the use of multiple/alternate accounts.

If you would like for your account to be considered for readmission to the Discord, first you will need to divulge the ID of the other account under your control, to maintain the one account per user rule. After that, we can see about having you pick which account you want to use moving forward.

The alternate account’s id is 758495176388771871 and username is Baccha Chor. It isn’t present in the halo server.

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Is this ever going to get a reply?

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> Is this ever going to get a reply?

Try quoting replies like this or sending a PM.

Discord ban appeals, while something we can and will address, usually take a bit more time so please be patient in the future.

But now that I’m here, I’m honestly at a loss because you DID know about the rules when you made this statement:

And the account you’re claiming as your alt was literally created after that post was made so I’m not super inclined to believe that you’re being entirely honest with us.

I’m not saying never but I am saying that I’d like a bit more clarity on the situation.

I was banned from the user RhysWX for “ Spam “ & Clan invites for a clan that technically doesn’t exist right now. But I do take fault for DM’ing Server members without actually knowing them.

Is this the official discord appeals thing? :confused: