Disconnection + Loss of Legendary Boost Cards

Hi there.

I’m going to be straight to the point, I’m a little annoyed with the way how boosts are dealt with if you exit a game.
Its fine if you lose the boost if you quit, but what I find annoying is that you lose the boost if you disconnect, which can entirely be not your fault.

I was recently playing a game of Warzone just now, and I decided to put on the Legendary Warzone REP point boost I just got in a pack. We was close to finishing the game with only 200 points to go, and for no apparent reason I just disconnected from the servers (Even though I had no lag problems in the game at any point) and coincidently, I also lost my boost even though nothing on my end was the problem.

Even if these boost can be easily replaced in Packs, that’s not the point, I think its annoying how you can lose it for simply disconnecting, and it can be something big like a legendary boost.

If anyone shares this view please can you forward this post on or whatever you need to do, I don’t find it fair if you disconnect that you lose boosts, especially Legendary ones, and maybe see if there’s a way to keep your boosts if you disconnect by letting the staff at 343 know.

Thank you

I feel your pain man, legendary warzone req boosts usually give you 6k req points! I have wasted quite a few boosts from being disconnected, luckily never a legendary one.

Seriously? That’s ridiculous man. And yeah I’ve never used one before and that would had been so helpful -_- I really wish they would sort that out or had something in place that could give you the boosts back, regardless if they’re legendary or not D:

It would be very hard to remedy, how would you tell what’s a genuine disconnect from the bad sport quitter who wants’ his /her card back because they’re losing, I’ve lost an xp boost or two in BTB, I just chalk it up to unlucky.

Mm that’s the bad part. I do realise it would be very hard to determine who would be genuine and who just decided to turn off their router. Mm yeah it’s just unlucky but I just find it really aggravating that you can lose it just like that, even if you’ve opened tonnes of packs.

it has happened to me lots, and when the servers are acting up I try and restrain myself from using boosts. O still so though. I haven’t lost a legendary one but uncommon XP boosts

There’s no way to regulate this. Unless 343 could program some sort of search for the “are you sure you want to quit” screen. Or something like that.

But I do feel the OP’s pain. I’ve a handful of legendary boosts due to disconnects. Sucks, but it is what it is.

They need to add a “disconnect” flag in their programming. Basically, it should reset your inventory when a sudden quit occurs without actually pressing the quit button. To many disconnects should still result in a ban, but not a loss of rare items.