Disconnecting is BS

I’m so pissed because after going on a losing streak I finally managed to play a winning Warzone match and I had a Ultra Rare mission victory boost on. The problem is when the game was about 600 - 300 I for some reason lost connection and couldn’t rejoin thus loosing the boost and the match rp. I’m tired of disconnecting from the good games and somehow have perfect connection for the bad ones. I don’t even know why I lose connection because I don’t get any lag at all in the game it just kicks me out randomly with this “connection lost” BS.

A recent update changed how Boosts work in Halo 5. Boosts like Mission Victory now require you to satisfy the condition for the boost to use it. If the condition isn’t satisfied (e.g. you lose or disconnect), the boost isn’t consumed, and should return to your inventory after 1 or 2 games.