Disconnecting in the middle of a Warzone match

For the past few days I’ve been trying to play Warzone and in the middle of the match just out of nowhere I get sent back to the lobby screen (no error messages or anything of the sorts). I can’t leave to the main menu or anything and am force to turn off the game and restart it. Go back into Warzone and damn thing happens again. Arena and Warzone assault works like a charm but I have no idea what is going on need help now. Thank you.

Exactly the same issue.

Had 3 matches off the belt (Warzone assault) then the game goes to the second objective (all 3 times I was the attacker), kicked/lost connection/lagged out? Then stuck on a menu type screen. Even though I can still access the “menu” functions I can’t exit said “false menu”, so no game/console crash involved (probably).