Disconnecting from Girlfriend While in party while playing Halo

Hey everyone! Just curious does anyone else play with someone in their house in party and cant hear and lag out from the person you play with? Not all the time but quite often. Never happened like this on gears. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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This is just infinite being infinite if its not your internet connection to your device.

The servers have been slower since s2 dropped for me and I’m sure its due to online traffic.
In a few months it should die down.


Hope so because its been happing ever since we started playing even at the end of season two. I sent in a ticket to 343 support as well to see what they say.

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Just buy your girl MCC until it gets fixed, but check your network, because i don’t disconnect a ton, just desync.

Make sure the person who keeps DCing is on open nat type

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Were on the same router and modem. Im gonna try and check into the router settings. Also going to see if it happens on other games or just infinite. I don’t ever remember us discomnecting from party chat on MCC.