Disconnecting a ton

I have been disconnecting a tin in FFA today. 3-5 times in a small window. Then I get a 60 second ban. Nice system 343i. Can’t tell the difference between a quit and a networking disconnect.

I never quit. I have many games bring down 4v2 or even 4v1. I always stick it out.

Edit: I’m getting disconnected in games I’m winning or doing well in.

I’ve recently been disconnected 2 times in Warzone Assault, I decided to take a break before I get banned.
Oh, and disconnecting frequently is one of the actions that’ll get you ban for a certain amount of time.

Here’s a link if you’re interested:

Getting a ban for a networking issue is crazy.

I have thus far only had 1 disconnect. I usually play with friends who are all within the Chicago land metropolitan area, but the one disconnect occurred when playing with a friend who lives in California.