Disconnected Physics/Movement

Before I begin you should all know I am fully aware that in the Halo Universe, certain soldiers possess Spartan armour that increases their strength and speed; but when watching multiplayer gameplay footage on YouTube of the older games and Halo 4 their movement seems disconnected from the environment around them.

Admittedly 343 have mentioned they are adding bulk to the Spartan armor but said bulk just seems visual, and the Spartans run around as if unencumbered. Many will say this is because of the enhancements the armour provides to the soldier ‘piloting’ it but even that makes no sense. The armour has innate mass and weight that would prevent the almost weightless jumping and sprinting seen in game.

Many gameplay mechanics require jumping and sprint so as to maintain the fast paced action in any Halo game, but the fictional still has to be believable to the player.

In future games I would very much like to see a little more real-world physics employed in multiplayer. Many game elements can be preserved just by adding jetpack/jump animations, or really requiring the character model crouch and jump to reach higher heights. Its a shame this weightless has carried over to Halo 4 and I hope it is fixed in the future.

Even head-bobbing would be a welcome addition. Unless of course Spartan Soldiers are suspended in some form of gyroscopic fluid… please don’t let that be true!

(campaign seems relatively unaffected, due to the character speed AI seem to possess as opposed to player speed)