Disconnected from online lobby

Hey guys wondering if you can help me I am currently using the Xbox one to play Halo 5 and whenever I join my friends lobby it allows me to matchmake and connect to one game. However when the game is finished I am unable to join another game as the gamer tags for my other friends don’t show, it will say deploying and freeze I am unable to back out in to the main menu and it also says connecting to lobby and unable to join. My internet connection works really well as I am using a wired connection and no other games are affected apart from Halo 5. My friends who play Halo 5 on the Xbox series S and X say that they never disconnect when they play other games its just with me. I have to keep quitting the game and reloading the game but the issue still occurs. Is there any troubleshooting steps I can take to resolve this issue? Usually when I play there is no issues but this issue has been happening for the last couple of weeks now and need this sorted soon. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys.