Disconnected from Matchmaking

Why is it that when we’re disconnected from matchmaking, be it Arena or Warzone, because of 343/Microsoft’s servers, it consumes the Boost that was activated. Twice tonight I was dropped from the game, and brought back to the main lobby with the message at the top “Waiting to join game in progress” but I never join. Both of these times I had activated a boost to get bonus XP upon completion of a game, one rare, and one legendary. Complete a game, should be a simple boost to meet the criteria for, but evidently instead of competing to try and win to get the bonus as some boosts make you do. I instead have to compete against the instability of Microsoft’s “Dedicated Servers”.

I definitely understand your frustration, it has happened to me before as well, but you should put this in the H5 support section, if anything there you might get some real help.