Disconnected from 9 matches today

Of the five games of Warzone I started today, the only one I got to finish was the one where the other team steamrolled us and took out our core within four minutes.
Of the seven games of Team Slayer I started today, I only made it to the end of two.
Halo 5 has disconnected me so many times that I don’t even use my boosts unless I’ve successfully made it to the end of 3-4 games without getting dropped. If you look at my record, I’ve put roughly 50 hours into the multiplayer on here. So, I’m earnestly trying to play this game, but some days are so bad that, though I’m spending several hours at a time on Halo 5, I’m not actually playing Halo 5.
So what’s the deal here? Has 343 given us any indication that they’re working on this? I know they can’t give us an ETA on when it’s going to be fixed, but, you know, when is this going to be fixed? Please?