Disconnected Controller Message Bug

I constantly run into the problem where I go back into Halo: MCC from either watching TV or turning on my Xbox and I have a Disconnected Controller message that will not go away. I turn on the controller and nothing responds. I have to quit the application and restart it.

I too have this issue, only just happened, but it happened mid game, not going between apps
I could use the controllers in the start menu thing and all that, just not the game, kept coming up as ‘please reconnect controller’
we ended up having to shut off the xbox, but as we were in co-op we lost all our progress. can honestly say ‘worst valentines day ever’

Same issue and it lost my coop progress as well

ive been having this issue as well ive been having it since sunday befor then ive had no problems, ive made a thread about this on the xbox one support threads to just to make sure its not controller related or firmware related, im believing this to be game related as for me it seems to be happening only on halo mcc. However I have read threads about the same thing happening on forza, and a few other games as well. so it might be a firmware related issue. or game related I wont know until I get a reply from my thereads stating this same issue on xbox support forums or on my thread I created here

More than a year has passed, and the issue is still there. Console goes out of suspend mode, Halo MCC is running and asking to reconnect the controller. The only solution is restarting the game.