Disconnected bull -Yoink-

I was playing warzone. I put on a legendary gambit Ai kill boost. I got in the match and 3 mins later I was disconnected. This is a load of bull ! I lost my legendary boost to a F g disconnect! There wasn’t even a error message. Just kicked me out of the game. I don’t get disconnected a lot but that was the worst time they could have disconnected me. Legendary anything is not easy to get that’s why I’m poff!

Y’know, I’m all for a strict banhammer, but in the interest of fairness for people with disconnects (because something similar has happened to me twice out of the two, maybe three DNFs I have on my entire record*), I think boosts should be kept if you leave a game.

It’s probably a concession to be made against the quitters, but I know that a lot of people just get connection hiccups and losing valuable REQ cards is a huge bummer. Insult to injury for actual victims, and an otherwise insignificant handout to the quitters.

343i likely won’t see it that way, but how much do you care if a quitter gets another shot at his XP boost?

*Purple rarity RP Jackpot in Warzone, and a purple XP Boost in Warzone. Not legendary, but still the best boosts I’ve seen yet.