disconnected before queuing up

So I’ve been playing since launch and have put a total of 3 full days into halo 5. Have had no issue matchmaking until Sunday. On Sunday I couldn’t queue up for a match because it kept on saying. “CONNECTING TO LOBBY Attempting to reach Halo: 5 Guardians lobby service” it finishes then I get this a couple seconds later. “CONNECTION LOST You have been disconnected from the local network. Returning you to the Main Menu.” Started on Sunday was pretty much fine on Monday but I’m having the same issue today. If anyone can help me or at least tell me what is going on would be very much appreciated.

Ugh, I have the same problem.
I saw another forum post… nobody knew how to fix it!
I hope someone can help you out ):

Thy just need to fix their game I had that problem for an entire day

I’m having this problem today. Won’t even let me enter into arena or war zone. Kicked me out of game for “connection” but my connections are fine. Seriously?!

This game isn’t even loading my reqs it’s not loading y stats after games. It’s not giving me xp or reqs after I complete a match it won’t let me view boosts but it’s letting me play matches fine wtf