disconnected 30 seconds into game 9/10 times HELP!

hi i keep getting kicked from my matchmaking games some games im allowed to play but the others it will boot me out , nothing to do with my network i have 80 down 20 up, i got intouch with my isp and microsoft both not able to help me with this issue , this happens on no other game so i am asuming it is on mcc’s server side does anybody else get this problem , Help !

Is you NAT open? If not try these links:


yup my nat is open it apears to be a problem on there side as it only happens for h2a and h4

Two Matchmaking Games in one hour and that’s been about par. No problems in custom games minus the same chatting problems that have been supposedly fixed: NOT. The games we got into are still buggy and laggy. Kicking people. Weapons disappearing. Achievements won’t unlock. THIS IS JUST PLAIN RIDICULOUS. It has been 100 days!!! You have had 100 days to fix this game, a ton of days before that to actually test the game, and you can’t/didn’t do that!!!

Stop spending so much time on Halo 5 because it’s only a direct copy of Destiny and COD combined. It’s garbage. Try fixing some games that were actually good. I don’t see how you don’t put in more time because if this is the result for games that have already been released, what makes you think that anyone would want to buy a new game from 343. This is utter garbage. I have religiously played Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 for years and I cannot do it anymore even though that was what was promised.

I pulled my preorder on Halo 5 and I will not be buying it unless this game is what was promised to me. As far as I’m concerned, you stole $60 from me, because I can’t play even half the game as was advertised. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THIS! I have never had much to complain about with the Halo series but that just takes the cake. You need to give the franchise back to Bungie for free. You won’t make any money off of it. You might have to pay them to take it back after what you’ve done to the good name of the Halo Series. Either that or fire everyone and start with some competent individuals that know how to make a video game and actually like Halo.