DisBanning of Custom Challenges?

Why would they discontinue the custom challenges.? That was the reason I started playing again. I heard recently that the challenges where able to made on this website. I played this game faithfully for 1 year. Getting daily’s and weekly’s and I’m only nearing Legend. Please bring this back.

ugh I agree, it takes way too long to without those challenges. they should at least do something about the credit rewards, I’ve been playing for years and just hit general with them lmao

The Reach ranking system was ridiculously inflated from day 1. Why set ranks so high that 95% of players would never get beyond the midpoint? Even with custom challenges and infamous credit farming techniques using the target locator, ranking up was always time intensive. Now it’s even more so.

It sucks that was how I went from General 4 To Mythic over summer

The feature was discontinued since support for Reach in general is being phased out. Imagine if they brought it back, then it just stops working one day - resources will likely be put towards Halo: The Master Chief Collection stats and Halo 5: Guardians and the custom challenges won’t be fixed.

It sucks but nothing you can really do about it.

I know i sucks i have only been playing halo reach on my new account for one month and i got to Lt colonel grade 2 almost grade 3 because of custom challenges and now they are all gone.!

This sucks, but I’m not sure that it would help me…

Let’s just say that, with me being less than 50,000 cR away from Eclipse I’m finally about half way to Inheritor…

Who came up with this system anyways?

They announced it months ago that they were doing away with it. No clue why though.

I’m trying to keep hope that all the piddly comments will be read and 343 decides to bring it back just for kicks lol

To be honest, im neutral about this. First of all, it was too overpowered, but it also was able to get higher in the lower ranks and stuff. So really, I don’t know. (its just my opinion)