Disappointed with the ending! (SPOILERS!!!)

Okay, am I the only one who was gravely disappointed with Halo 4’s ending? I mean, Cortana did some sort of Peter Pan fairy magic bondage -Yoink!- on The Ur-Didact, and all the copies of her just looked stupid. The the really corny ‘goodbyes’ between Chief and Cortana were just terrible. It left the game with nothing to anticipate for the next instalment, and was just bad overall. Hopefully the end to the final Spartan Ops season will lead us to Halo 5, but if not then I don’t know what it’ll be about, but do you guys think the ending was bad or not?

I have to say the ending between Chief and Cortana was well done. Cortana finally got to “be human” technically and told Chief that he must be human as well and be less of a machine. Him shedding his armor off at the end was a powerful scene as he comes out of his shell, literally, for the first time in years.

The demise of the Ur-Didact was weak, but he’ll be back. I wish he wouldn’t since he was a weak antagonist, I personally find Jul 'Mdama to be more compelling and hope time is invested in him.

I liked it. Overall, the ending cinematic was very good IMO. Also, about the fairy Cortana with the Didact’s armor is logic. Forerunner armor is AI controled, so Cortana just hacked it.
But, i think the goodbye scene was kind of awkward… I can take an AI being in love with another AI, but that was weird.

I personally really liked the ending. Halo 4 haters, please don’t kill me. Just stating my honest opinion. Other than the cinematic/cutscene looking really cool…

I thought that the dialogue between Chief and Cortana was very well written. Personally, I didn’t really find it corny. It was powerful enough to remind me of how I broke up with my first girlfriend LOL :frowning:

Another thing I also really liked was how Master Chief finally took off his armor and how his face was partly revealed in the Legendary ending.

I don’t think that John should have remained faceless. In the Bungie Halo trilogy, we just knew John as a killing machine, not a human soldier. We never really put enough attention into his thoughts as we were too busy praising how badass and awesome he is. If this was continued, I think John should have kept the helmet on.

In the 343 trilogy, however, we get to see a different side of John. John faces and suffers from much more (including the loss of Cortana), and I think 343 did a great job of putting us in John’s shoes better than Bungie did. John-117 isn’t a machine, he’s just a very strong person. Like us.

I always knew Master Chief as an exclusive UNSC killing machine. But if you look beyond that, he is human like us, who many people fail to recognize.

halo 2 and halo 3 has boss battle, are your telling me that this is a boss battle? i don’t think so. (no offence 343 industries)