Disappointed with my first BTB game... :/

So about 2 minutes ago I just finished my first big team battle game, and I have to say, whilst I’m extremely happy with the surprising quality of the Standoff Remake, however, I’m extremely disappointed to have lost my first match, not due to any skill gap, but due to 3 gits on my team, leaving the game after hearing them yell ‘BS’ because they got killed for making a less tactical and more completely stupid desicion to drive the Warthog, and get spartan lasered almost immediately, little did they know I had the flag and snuck all the way back to the base to get us off to an early lead…

UNFORTUNATELY due to these whiny losers, we were three men down which led the other team to power through us with their warthog and significant 3 man advantage, leading the red team to an unfair victory, which will also have a drastic effect on my big team battle rank (As i’ve experienced prior in the Swat playlist)

Seriously though… something, somewhere, somehow, needs to be sorted out.

Sorry to hear that happen. Just bad luck honestly, but hopefully your future games will have no issues with quitters.