Disappointed To See Fun Campaign Elements Patched

There has been a lot of talk about certain things in Campaign getting patched that made for very fun gameplay options and opportunities. The flyable pelican bug, Fusion coil launching & removing the tank gun just to name a couple.

I heard some things were patched that made speed running possible, effectively snubbing that community.

Personally I think that it is a disservice to the community to get rid of these fun features that had no visible affect on competitive Halo. Why remove harmless bugs from the campaign? Can we at least get an explanation if they were harmful?

I would want to see them added back into the game if they are harmless. I’d also like to get other players opinions to see if enough support can be generated to put it on 343’s radar? Can you guys think of any more fun bugs that went away in this patch?


Have you ever watched IGN series where developers watch a speedrun? Some are so blown away and find it hilarious and love what the community does.

Others talk about patching it or passive aggressively joking that the person didn’t do their job properly. I prefer the former.

I think game exploits add a huge level of charm, provided they don’t break the game for players. Being able to fusion coil launch looked super cool and was a neat trick. Shame it’s gone. Not something I use but I’m sure many will miss it. Tank gun I also liked. It’s a shame, it became a fan favourite.

Speedrunners will likely just play version 1.0 of the game as they regularly do and create a new category but it’s still crazy to me to put work into actively squashing something the community enjoys because of the ego aspect of needing to correct mistakes that caused them.


I haven’t watched it, thanks for the recommendation man! Your input is also very appreciated!

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Good to know that they fixed these bugs before fixing other issues, like : PC/XBOX crashes, theater mode, custom games, desync, observer mode, matchmaking, ect. ect


Very valid point to be honest. Trying to stay positive but I’ve wondered a couple times where in the world their priorities are.

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