Disappointed in what Halo 5 has become .

Okay I’m not about to just bash 343i but let me tell you my thoughts on this game . Halo 5 Guardians is not the game it was at launch . You guys destroyed a good game with all these unnecessary changes . To start off , Truth … a fuel rod ? Seriously ? The BR spawning in front of you was PERFECT and so was the plasma caster . For some silly reason you guys decided to replace it with a bulky crappy fuel rod . Next , the Assualt Rifle is now the most pathetic useless weapon in the entire game . Nothing compared to its immense power in Halo 3 where it was a definite kill if you rushed someone with a BR . It would kill them unless they ended the encounter in a trade . Halo 5 ? A person who’s absolute can still eat almost half a clip of an Assault Rifel ? &I I’ll definitely post videos on my YouTube channel to show this . There’s so much more bugs and stupid lags that cost you your life and sometimes in high FFA , that one life can do so much more especially when you have a shotgun or rockets . These changes are messing the game up . Leave the game alone . I love the new REQ’s and maps but not the changes . The last thing is the Scattershot kills people and sometimes doesn’t at the same damn distance … mind you , this is all things I’m going to showcase on my YouTube channel … im not the type to just make things up . Most people rage and get over it but enough is enough . Fix the game and give us a better game since you basically crushed The Masterchief Collection . Let’s not even get started on the " Balanced " part of matchmaking searches . Honestly it’s pathetic , fix the game . If 343i needs any help financially by all means contact me .

i need financial help. please send the monies to:
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Honestly though, the AR is infact, far better in Halo 5 than it was in 3.
Weapon Spawns get changed for balance and to keep maps fresh.
The scattershot though, yes, sucks.

Agree fully on the scattershot, sometimes it owns sometimes it fails. AR can own if used right. I’ve lost to ARs at medium range with a pistol only missing 1-2 shots. I should be able to win without a perfect if the AR sucks as bad as you claim.
Agree fuel rod is terrible on Truth

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> i need financial help. please send the monies to:
> 66601337 95-98-00


It took you this long to figure out that H5 is busted?!?! I’ve been thinking that since day one!