Disappointed in retailers for bonuses...

Hey all, I recently just got back from Best Buy and GameStop. I have to say I’m highly let down in their quality of service, mostly Best Buy. At Best Buy I asked if I could purchase just the bonus and asked if they had extras. The associate looked as though he was 12 and said he didn’t know. Another associate came over and simply said no. I find it a little hard to believe, but it sounded like they just didn’t know. At Gamestop, I asked the clerk and he said no but he would check. He came back and said they “don’t usually do that kind of stuff”.

To me, that’s a load of crap. I know people on the forums and people in my area that have done this. I think the people were misinformed and really just didn’t care. I don’t mean to vent, but I was wondering if any of you experienced this problem or if you actually just got the bonuses even after pre-ordering was done.

…YOUR SUCH AN…LOLOLOLOL…you cant just BUY the extra bonus,s. Heres the breakdown each one of the retailers has a deal with 343 for certain armor, part of the deal is they sale the limited edition, for each limited edition they sale you get “1” of the special codes…He looked at you like he was 12 because thats such an …ODD question to ask (Im being nice) it sounds to me like You wanted to buy extra codes and resell them on ebay…which is against Bestbuy policy :wink: good try though …LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

they are called pre order bonuses for a reason

This sounds like the beginning stages of obsessive compulsive disorder…GOTTA HAVE THEM ALL!!

Like others have said, these are special contracts each store has with 343 and/or Microsoft to help them sell copies of H4 and make money. If youre freaking out about not being able to buy BestBuy or Gamestop armor skins, then I hope you arent freaking out about not having Amazon’s preorder bonus, Gamestop Canada’s bonus, Microsoft Store, Walmart, or Play.com’s bonus.

343 is believed to eventually make all armor/skins/etc unlockable in the future so it’s gonna be alright. i hope you can wait it out a couple months. if not, go to the local hospital if youre about to have a nervous breakdown.

It sounds like you’re just upset that you didn’t get your way.

Some people just know the people working there and can call in easy favors, you were asking complete strangers to do something for you, and they should know better than to just give away free stuff.

Let’s see… long hours, under staffing, and condescending customers with nothing but seasonal hours and insanity bearing down on them. You’re seriously expecting rays of sunshine to shoot out these guys like Gamera blasting rainbows out of his rocket holes. LOL you’re lucky, this kid could have made you listen to his pitch on opening a Best Buy rewards card.