Disappointed in halo 5 campaign.

Hey guys. I want to talk about the campaign and why I find it mislead. When the adverts came on for halo 5, it made master chief look like he was betraying unsc and putting lives at risk of innocent people. But in fact John only goes against one order in halo 5 and Spartan lock is hunting him. Only for like the first 4 missions then Spartan lock tries to help master chief lol. The adverts mislead us that John was doing something bad but when you play it it’s nothing like that a tall. And you only play three missions as master chef which is a let down. I think they should of added some more missions and master chief going of the rails more. Cause you only play three missions as him you don’t get to feel much behind the story. It makes no sense. The story line should have been more in depth of what master chief is doing. Sorry 343 but I think this might be the worst halo campaign I have played yet. Great legendary ending tho.

I mean…it’s called a plot twist. The story could’ve had a bit more to it but that’s my only beef there. Once u realize what’s going on with Cortana and her rampancy it makes perfect sense.

It’s like Iron Man 3, but better.

Honestly, the marketing for Halo 5 was Hunt The Truth, not Hunt John or Hunt 117. In reality, the marketing was spot on. You were hunting the truth on why John and Blue Team went AWOL.

This might be unrelated, but I think they screwed up the hunters in the campaign xD why are they so accurate and fast!! Next to impossible to kill on legendary now, unless I’m missing something lol

I know exactly what you mean. But particularly, where were any of the locations featured in the TV commercials and announcement trailers for Halo 5?

I thought there was a city that was going to be destroyed… A statue of chief… A guardian the desert or snow so chief where’s a cloak… Where was all that?

Where was the rivalry between the Spartans and where was their motivations?

I have quite a few things that didn’t make me particularly like the campaign this time.

I hear all the talk that halo is copying cod, but I thought that meant the gameplay not the campaign story. It’s sad, no character development, and most of the lore that was major just tossed away. But I’ve seen this before. Halo 5 is the second in the new trilogy or “saga” so it’s the weakest. Halo 4 set up the new story. Halo 6 May have the conclusion, but halo five is just filler, take the original hobit movies for example. Eh it’s sad but money is the factor here. Can’t start and finish the story in one game, when you can stretch it into two or more games. I’m not mad just disappointed. As a true halo fan it’s ok. I still love the game and I’m going to continue playing it for a long while. Just hope the forthcoming books shed some light, like a lot of light.

I’m completely disappointed.I thought it would be a continuation of Halo, but in fact I was offered something like: Swallow Spartan Lock. Despite what was said in the media channels, who wrote the story, did not play Halo Reach, 1,2,3 and ODST, not nuzzled the maps, not lei the books, did not pay attention to what each Grunt or Elite complained during games , so little noted what was said during the aminated Scenes.

Halo Reach was necessary to explain the points involving Cortana probably in 6 Halo, Master Chief will be in a prison, while the new characters lead the game. I think someone in the 343 wants to boast that made a new hero, for me the character was disposable. Chief bring back. Enjoy to dismiss incompetent.